Disinfectants Cleaning Services Los Angeles, CA

Disinfectants Cleaning Services los angeles

“Make Easy Maid” have cleaning and disinfecting supplies and have made training available to support our managed achieving the highest standards of cleanliness, disinfection and hygiene. We have highly-trained teams available for Commercial and Residential disinfection services utilizing state of the art equipment and disinfectants following guidelines by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Advantages of Professional Disinfecting Cleaning Services in Los Angeles.

1) More Effective Disinfecting

Electrostatic spray technology applies disinfectants in an efficient, uniform and controlled manner. In this process, electrically-charged disinfectant reaches just about every surface in its path.

This special spray system can cover vast amounts of territory in one fell swoop.

Instead of struggling to reach all those out of the way spots, an electrostatic gun can easily cover them in a single spray.

2) Stops the Spread of Germs and Viruses

Professional disinfecting services can eradicate more germs and viruses than a traditional residential or commercial cleaning, helping to reduce the spread of illnesses, like colds and flus.

By germs and removing bacteria before they can move from one surface to another, those who suffer from allergies and asthma will be able to breathe easier.

Professional disinfecting services can also be a good idea because they can help to reduce the likelihood of contagious infections that could ultimately cost an organization a lot of money in health care expenses.

3) A Quicker Disinfecting Process

The electrostatic spray is an easy alternative to traditional disinfecting. Its spray technology can cover a whole room in about 50 percent less time. In fact, professional disinfecting services may be the fastest way to slow the spread of illness.

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